Our 30 year legacy of success in advocacy and education


Advocacy and Education Victories

We focus on improving quality of life for street users by increasing the number of people choosing multimodal options and eliminating death as a consequence of using our public streets. Our victories include:

  • Forming statewide and regional coalitions since 1994 to protect federal funding (“Pass the ISTEA Please,”) win sustained statewide investment in alternative transportation (HB2017), campaign for regional transportation investments in 2020 (“Getting There Together”) and fight for legislative expansion of alternative transportation funding (SB397 – Safe Streets for All) 
  • Co-founding in 2011,  and continuing to organize annually, the Oregon Active Transportation Summit to bring together thousands of street users, advocates and policy-makers
  • Winning bike racks on all TriMet busses, defending and demanding bike lanes on major Metro Boulevards and adjacent to light rail lines, and winning City of Portland requirement of bike parking with all new development and all schools
  • Early and ongoing advocacy in the creation and funding of the Portland Bike Plan
  • Defending the state’s Bike Bill from ongoing threats to repeal and modify it
  • Reaching more than 5,000 children annually with multimodal safety education in 30 Oregon cities and 64 schools, funded by state and city governments who believe in our work
  • Launching Move More Challenge (formerly Bike More Challenge, formerly Bike Commute Challenge Month), growing to as many as 11,000 participants each year who compete to travel using alternative transportation instead of drive-alone trips
  • Yearly inclusion in Willamette Week Give Guide, an annual selection of the most-impactful nonprofits in Oregon
  • Receiving support from every purchase of a “Share the Road” license plate from Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Receiving support from internationally-recognized musicians like the Beastie Boys and Pink Martini


We must preserve The Street Trust’s 30 year legacy of success in advocacy and education, while acknowledging that we must do more and better to save lives. We’re the only organization building advocacy power among street users of all modes from across the region, bringing together unlikely partnerships to break the political gridlock that leaves us unsafe. We maintain low overhead, pay livable wages, and get the most out of our limited budget.

Financial Stewardship

Donations to the 501c3 nonprofit The Street Trust Community Fund are tax deductible. We take our responsibility to our funders very seriously, and work to demonstrate our impact to those who support our mission with donations, grants and contracts. Every gift to The Street Trust is the carbon-free fuel that drives our advocacy forward.

The Street Trust’s annual budget is approximately $1 million annually. Approximately 40% of our funding comes from Government Contracts with the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the Oregon Department of Transportation, and Metro. Individuals, special events, and private foundations each provide approximately 20% of our funding.

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