Our Mission

The Street Trust advocates for multimodal transportation options that prioritize safety, accessibility, equity, and climate justice.


Our Vision

The Street Trust envisions a complete, safe, low-carbon, multimodal transportation system that contributes to equity in access, opportunity, health, and prosperity for people and communities. 

The Street Trust

The Street Trust is a membership advocacy organization representing all street users regardless of mode.

We work at the literal intersections of an ongoing transportation crisis. Every day, our unsafe and incomplete public streets threaten our lives and livelihoods. We are driven by a passion for complete streets, rooted in the belief we can stop preventable death resulting from inequality, lax safety, and climate change.

We advocate to ensure voters and policy makers see the universal benefits when we prioritize transportation safety, accessibility, equity, and climate. We educate decision-makers in the comprehensive solutions for the people who use our streets, in support of our members, our partners, and everyone who travels in and through our state.

We refuse to settle for a 20th-century transportation system that worsens disparities and sacrifices our future. We are ready to win policy transformation and major investments that save lives, reduce barriers, and expand opportunities to the people and neighborhoods our current system neglects.

To win, we need you in our lane. Together we can end the public health emergency of traffic deaths through policy change and public investments that make Oregon more livable, equitable, and healthy. It’s time to reclaim our streets, and our future.


Careers at The Street Trust

The Street Trust employs people who come from the communities we serve and represent. Our staff are passionate about our vision of the future, respect the members and partners who make our organization so special, and share our commitment to equity, safety, and a clean and accessible transportation system for all.