We're fighting to make walking, biking, and transit safe and convenient for everyone.


The Street Trust works in classrooms, on the streets, in city hall and the state legislature encouraging and advocating for safe and convenient walking, biking, and transit options. 

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Announcements & Updates
people at active transportation summit
Active Transportation Summit

April 24, 25, & 26- The AT Summit is a driver for change and a premier venue to discuss cutting edge transportation and recreation policy, funding, and design issues. The Summit spans three days and is comprised of workshops, panels, round table discussions, mobile workshops, professional trainings, and a keynote address.

Bike More Challange
Bike More Challenge

May 2019- Log your bike trips in May. At the end of the month, The Street Trust tallies the bike trips and ranks teams in size categories by the percentage of commutes achieved by bike. In early June, The Street Trust announces the winning teams in each category at the Challenge Awards Party.

Legislative Photo
2019 Legislative Agenda

The Street Trust will continue to advocate for the Legislature to deliver rights to safe streets for vulnerable users and increased access to walking, biking, and public transit as we look towards the 2019 Legislative Session. 

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