Columbia Levee Connector

The Columbia Levee Connector project is a transformative initiative to build a multi-modal pathway in the heart of Portland’s diverse and dynamic community. Situated adjacent to COR Disposal and Recycling, the cross levee spans from Sandy Blvd to NE Marine Drive at about 142nd (running north-south), strategically linking Argay and Parkrose Neighborhoods to the bustling Columbia River.

Guided by The Street Trust, this community-driven project will increase accessibility, connectivity, safety, and resilience within our neighborhoods.

We envision an interconnected path between Parkrose and Argay Neighborhoods, providing crucial access to the Columbia River. By improving access to green spaces and reducing the urban heat island effect, the path will assist in creating a harmonious relationship between people, nature, and the built environment. By fostering collaboration across sectors and stakeholders, we aim to enhance the quality of life for residents, creating a more vibrant and accessible community while championing historically underserved populations. 

In 2022, the University of Oregon Institute for Policy Research & Engagement completed a Feasibility Assessment for the project. 

View The Feasibility Assessment


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