• We use candidate endorsements to identify and support transformational leaders – present and future and from the local to the national level. 
  • We believe that Oregon needs a Future Transportation Caucus if we’re serious about tackling the intertwined challenges of climate crisis, housing affordability, and inequality in our transportation system.
  • Our endorsements are valuable and earned, reserved for champions of our mission who are committed to achieving transportation safety, accessibility, racial equity, and climate justice in the Portland Metro region and beyond




  • Candidates for office in Oregon registered in ORESTAR were invited to attend The Street Trust’s ‘Candidate Transportation School’ as a pre-requisite for endorsement.*
  • After attending, candidates were asked to submit our Candidate Questionnaire, which for the first time ever asked candidates to prioritize transportation investments using both words and dollar amounts.
  • We did not endorse candidates who did not participate in ‘Candidate Transportation School’ and submit a completed questionnaire.
  • Curious why a values-aligned candidate might be missing from our endorsements list? There may be qualified candidates who did not attend candidate school, complete the questionnaire, or otherwise seek TST Action Fund Endorsement. That doesn’t mean they won’t be a champion for your priorities – but you’ll have to do your own homework. For the candidates below, we’ve done the homework for you! 




  • Click their images or names below to visit candidate websites, learn more about them, sign up to volunteer, and donate!


“To win, we need key decision makers in our lane. Together we can end the public health emergency of traffic deaths through policy change and public investments that make our region more livable, equitable, and healthy. It’s time to reclaim our streets, and our future.” 

TST Action Fund Endorsements Committee

*The Street Trust Action Fund (501(c)(4) TIN# 83-0886388) is the sister organization to The Street Trust Community Fund (501(c)(3) TIN# 93-1057956). TST Community Fund will never endorse candidates for offices. TST Action Fund webpage is made possible through a cost-sharing agreement between the organizations.