Advocacy to shape laws and investments that improve lives and livelihoods.

The Oregon State Capitol building


We’re focused on the future of Greater Portland, but some of our priorities are only possible if federal and state governments act. 

Current Priorities

An aerial view of Portland Oregon with Mt. Hood in the distance.


Regional Policy & Investments

Metro Regional Government, TriMet, Multnomah, Clackamas, Clark and Washington Counties, the City of Portland, and other cities in Greater Portland all play a part in the safety, accessibility, equity, and carbon impact of our streets.

Current Priorities

A diverse group of people sit around a table, seated in folding chairs. Two people have their hands raised. Others look at them, look at the table, or look away.

At the Table

The Street Trust represents street users in multiple committee spaces where we and our members and partners can shape and discuss transportation policy priorities.

Current Committees