Why Move More Challenge 2021?

The Move More Challenge, formerly called the Bike More Challenge, is on now and lasts all summer long. Registration is now open! Create a team or participate as an individual, logging sustainable active transportation trips. This year’s event won’t be limited to people commuting by bike or to workplaces. You’ll be able to track your lunchtime walks as a telecommuter, log trips on transit and by scooter, form a team with your book club or neighbors, and even count your Pedalpalooza and other social rides happening all summer long. This year, every trip counts! The Move More Challenge is open to everyone in Oregon, and we see it as a means to encourage a multimodal transportation system that contributes to equity in access, opportunity, health, and prosperity for people and communities across the Portland Metro Region and beyond. Join our mailing list for the latest Move More Challenge updates. Read the Move More Challenge FAQ for help getting started.

Team Captains

Captains are the heart of the Challenge, inspiring and motivating their teams to log those trips and vie for prizes. Anyone can be a Team Captain, even if you’ve never participated in the Challenge before! It’s OK if you don’t even have a team in mind yet -just sign up, and we’ll help you with recruitment ideas! In addition to inspiring and motivating the masses, Team Captains are eligible for extra prizes throughout the Challenge, and as soon as it’s safe to do so we’ll have a Team Captain party! In the meantime, we’ll host virtual Team Captain training sessions and get-togethers.

Sponsor the 2021 Move More Challenge

Partnering with The Street Trust exposes your company or organization to a community of advocates, commuters, and everyday active transportation users in the Portland-metro region. We are a trusted voice in the active transportation landscape, with a highly engaged and motivated membership base.

The Move More Challenge engages thousands of individual participants from every neighborhood and community. Sponsorship gets your company or organization exposure to a broad, diverse audience of Portlanders from the public sector, nonprofit, faith, health and business communities, plus youth, seniors and more! Sponsors have the opportunity to engage with participants through our online promotions and engagement. We strive to create opportunities to maximize our sponsor’s marketing objectives, and welcome feedback from our sponsors on how to improve upon this further. Send us an email to get started!

In-Kind Sponsorship

We love our in-kind sponsors who provide incentives to Challenge participants. The benefit is two-fold: 1. To provide our riders with an exciting prize for choosing to get out and move more, and 2. To drive business towards companies who align with our mission or whose ethos we want to amplify. Have something to contribute? Let us know today.

About The Street Trust

The Street Trust envisions a complete, safe, low-carbon, multimodal transportation system that contributes to equity in access, opportunity, health, and prosperity for people and communities across the Portland Metro Region and beyond. We are ready to win sustainable transportation that saves lives, reduces barriers, and expands opportunities to the people and neighborhoods our current system neglects. The Move More Challenge is centered in this vision.

In 2019–the last pre-COVID year of the challenge–more than 11,000 people logged 200,000 trips and traveled 1.5 million miles. Together, we eliminated 300,000 pounds of CO2 emissions to create a healthier community for everyone. Can we move more and travel farther as a community in 2021?

Thank you Move More Challenge Sponsors!

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