The 2023 Metro Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) update represents a bold vision for the future of the greater Portland region.

What are we hearing?

The Street Trust staff led five community groups through a review of the draft 2023 Metro RTP update and collected their feedback and suggestions.

We’ve heard three community priorities emerge: equitable transportation, mobility options, and a safe system.


 Equitable Transportation

What equitable transportation means to me is an even distribution of affordable and reliable options to meet the needs of all community members.

 Mobility Options

Accessibility for me is just being able to choose my mode of transportation. If there’s just roads, then, yeah, I’m gonna take a car, right. But if I’m able to take something else, and it might be more economical for me, then sure, I’ll take it.

 Safe System

It seems you have to have a safe system first, so the people who have a choice will choose active and local transportation and not just hop into a car.

Find a detailed report on The Street Trust’s community listening sessions here:

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