Women Bike

Women Bike is The Street Trust’s program to inspire more women to incorporate a bike in their lives and utilize biking to meet their health, fitness, and transportation needs. In the Portland Metro region, women account for only a third of bike riders. We’re here to change that.

Women Bike is open to all female-identified and
gender nonconforming people who enjoy biking or think they might. 
Women Bike

We aim to decrease the barriers to riding a bike through meetups, happy hours, monthly rides and workshops, mentorship with our Roll Models program, and a dynamic online conversation about women biking with nearly 1500 fellow women cyclists on our Facebook group. 

The heart of the program is a Facebook group which serves as a resource, hub, and a way to connect with other women riding in your area. To get involved, join our Facebook Group!

Roll Models
Women Bike

Roll Models are women who have a love of biking that they want to share with other women in their lives. They need not be experts, road warriors, everyday commuters, or elite athletes (though some of them might be), they need only have a passion for biking and want to share the gift of biking with other women.

Roll models provide mentorship and peer support to the interested but concerned women in their community.

Meet our Roll Models:

Keyonda McQuarters

Marne Duke

Jenny Glass

Christi Utz

Jere F.

Sandra F.

Cat Caperello

Kiah Frohnauer


Roll Model Workbook (English)

Roll Model Workbook (Spanish)

New Rider Toolkit

Family Biking Resources

Bike Repair Classes