Women Bike

Women Bike is The Street Trust’s program to inspire more women to incorporate a bike in their lives and utilize biking to meet their personal health, fitness, and transportation needs. In the Portland Metro region women account for only a third of bike riders. We’re here to change that.

Women Bike is open to all women, female identifying, and gender nonconforming people who enjoy biking (or think they might). We aim to decrease the barriers to riding a bike through coffee meetups, happy hours, monthly rides and workshops, and mentorship. Check out our event calendar for upcoming Women Bike events.

More About Women Bike

Who is the group for?
This group is for all women, female identifying, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals who have an interest in bicycling, or think that they might.

Do I need to be an experienced rider to join?
No. The purpose of this group and our events is to increase access to bicycling. Persons interested in bicycling, regardless of skill level, are encouraged to join. We hope the group will have a variety of riders, and will be a place for more experienced riders to share with new riders.