Walk+Roll to School October

This page is obsolete. For the latest information on Walk+Roll, visit thestreettrust.org/walkroll.

2017 Walk+Roll to School was Wednesday, October 4th. Thanks for a great event!

Our 2018 event will take place on Wednesday, October 3. Sign-ups will open in early summer.

Our 2017 Walk+Roll to School Day saw over 295 Oregon schools register and participate! We heard from teachers, parents, Safe Routes to School coordinators, and enthusiasts from around the state about their Walk+Roll to School celebrations.

More information on Walk+Roll to School: 

This free, international event begins on the first Wednesday of October each year – this year’s event began on October 4, 2017. Registration for the 2018 event will open in summer, with incentive ordering opening soon after. Incentives include stickers, temporary tattoos, pencils, and more! Many more events, activities, training sessions, and development opportunities also occur.

We strongly encourage schools to have students Walk+Roll for the month of October. Your school can choose to participate one day, one week, one day over multiple weeks, or the entire month.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors: Safe Routes to School National Partnership, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Oregon Screen Impressions.

May Walk+Roll Challenge

The May Walk+Roll Challenge is a friendly, month-long competition aimed at encouraging more kids and families to walk, bike and roll to and from school and throughout their neighborhoods. The Challenge is hosted by The Street Trust (formerly the Bicycle Transportation Alliance) with support from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, our sponsors, and other partners.

Registrations for our 2018 event will open in early January, with incentive ordering opening later in spring. Incentives include stickers, temporary tattoos, pencils, and more! Check out the Resources page for various tips, curriculum, and your free coordinator packet that includes: tips and resources for promoting the event; organizing parent volunteers; and how to procure local prizes.

Walk+Roll Resources

It’s easy to get other families at your school excited about walking, biking and rolling. Challenge your school community to be more active, healthy, sustainable AND fun! When you register your school for the May Walk+Roll Challenge or Walk+Roll to School Day in October, you can order free incentives and receive tips for how to organize a great event. Sign up for the Safe Routes to School Network to stay updated and find out what other parents, teachers, and Safe Routes to School coordinators are doing to get students walking, biking and rolling in their communities.

Below are helpful resources to make your Walk+Roll programs run smoothly and easily.


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