Walk+Roll October Resources

Fall is upon us and with continuing school closures, we cannot offer Walk+Roll October as usual. In its place, we would like to offer some guidance to families who may be using this time to walk and roll in their neighborhoods and need information on doing so safely. We are also asking Oregon students to participate in an art contest to get them thinking about what walking and rolling safely means to them. 

We strongly encourage community members to follow Governor Brown’s Stay Home, Save Lives Executive Order and stay at their homes as often as possible, unless they are engaged in “essential activities.”

The order currently allows for certain outdoor activities, including walking, jogging, or biking in your neighborhood, as long as six-feet of physical distancing* from anyone who is not a member of your immediate household can be maintained.

Before community members engage in these outdoor activities with their children, now is a great time to review with them the following walking and biking safety tips.

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Art Contest:



Teaching your child to ride a bicycle

Safety tips and skills

Helmet fitting

Bike Maintenance

Further Walking and Rolling Resources

*This six foot distance is based on current guidance as of March 30. Be sure to follow the most current guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on keeping yourself, your family, and your community safe from coronavirus.

Thanks for helping encourage healthy habits in our school community! We couldn’t do it without you.

Additional Resources:

  • If you are interested in sharing this information with your school community, click here to gain access to our packet with sample letters for parents, teachers, and administrators along with sample social media and newsletter messages.
  • To get more info and enter our post contest, please visit this page! Submissions are accepted until June 15, 2020.
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