Walk+Roll Challenge

Registration for the 2017 Walk+Roll Challenge is now open!

The Walk+Roll Challenge is a friendly, month-long competition—held annually in May—aimed at encouraging more kids and families to walk, bike and roll to and from school and throughout their neighborhoods. The Challenge is hosted by The Street Trust (formerly the Bicycle Transportation Alliance) with support from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, our sponsors and other partners.


Once you register your school for the Walk+Roll Challenge, be sure to order your free incentives! Incentives include: stickers, temporary tattoos, prize ribbons, bandanas, pencils and helmets. Order link below. Check out the Resources page for various tips, curriculum, and your free coordinator packet that includes: tips and resources for promoting the event; organizing parent volunteers; procuring local prizes; and how to track active transportation trips taken by students.

Schools can track on a weekly or monthly basis; or log just one day. The Street Trust will award prizes at the end of the Challenge, for the schools who log the most biking trips, most walking trips, and most rolling trips; largest total number of students walking, biking and rolling; and highest percentage of students (out of the total school population) walking, biking and rolling. Additionally, you will be registered for Fire Up Your Feet, as the first step to additional cash awards—more than $10,000 available—to support your school’s walking, bicycling, and other physical activity programs.

Walk+Bike to School Day

Walk+Bike to School Day 2016 Header-01

2016 Walk+Bike (now Roll) to School Day was October 5th! 

October 5th 2016 was Walk+Bike to School Day, and we had over 265 Oregon schools register and participate! We heard from teachers, parents, Safe Routes to School coordinators, and enthusiasts from around the state about their Walk+Bike to School celebrations. Read more here!

More information on Walk+Bike (now Roll) to School Day: 

This free, international event is held on the first Wednesday of October each year [October 4, 2017]. Registration for the 2017 event will open in June; and open our order form for incentives on September 1st! Incentives include: stickers, temporary tattoos, and prize ribbons. Many more events, activities, trainings, and development opportunities also occur.

Register for Walk+Roll Challenge!

Registration for the 2017 Walk+Roll Challenge is now open! Click here for more info.

Registration for Walk+Roll to School Day will open in June.

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Thank you to our partners and sponsors: Safe Routes to School National Partnership, Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Screen Impressions, and Fire Up Your Feet.

Fire Up Your Feet!

Fire Up Your Feet Can Support Your School’s Walking, Bicycling and Safe Routes to School Programs

Time to gear up for the Spring 2017 Challenge. By registering your school and tracking activity this May, you can encourage students, teachers, parents, and siblings to support healthy behavior and better performance in school. Use Fire Up Your Feet to track activity, motivate movement through friendly competition, and win cash awards for your school! Fire Up Your Feet will award up to $10,000 to Oregon K-8 schools during the Spring 2017 Challenge (award details here). Track physical activity before, during or after school. Track walking, biking, PE, recess, classroom stretch breaksit all counts for the Spring Challenge!

Fire Up Your Feet is thrilled to announce that they have simplified their activity tracker, and entering individual participants is no longer required for tracking activity. There are three easy steps to participating in Fire Up Your Feet:

  1. Register.
  2. Create a group, and enter the total number of participants.
  3. Track activity for your school by selecting the date, type of activity, minutes of activity, and group that performed the activity.

For assistance with the new, improved tracker or questions contact info@fireupyourfeet.org.

When you register for The Street Trust’s Walk+Roll Challenge in May, or the October Walk+Roll to School Day event, you will be automatically registered for the Fire Up Your Feet Challenge. The Challenge is a friendly and healthy “competition” that encourage families, students and schools to work together to create active lifestyles that keep families healthy and help kids improve academic performance. By tracking activity at your school (that can and SHOULD include your Walk, Bike + Roll program fun), you will compete to win cash awards to support your school’s walking, bicycling and other physical activity programs. Both Challenges are encouragement programs aimed at getting more kids walking, biking and rolling to school. AND both programs have awesome incentives!

Fire Up Your Feet Resources:

2016 Fire Up Your Feet Q & A
Fire Up Your Feet 2017 Challenge Flyer
Fire Up Your Feet 2017 Challenge Flyer-Spanish


Walk, Bike + Roll Resources

It’s easy to get other families at your school excited about walking, biking and rolling. Challenge your school community to be more active, healthy, sustainable AND fun! When you register your school for the May Walk+Roll Challenge or Walk+Roll to School Day in October, you can order free incentives (link coming soon) and receive tips for how to organize a great event. Sign up for the Safe Routes to School Network to stay updated and find out what other parents, teachers, and Safe Routes to School coordinators are doing to get students walking, biking and rolling in their communities.

Below are helpful resources to make your Walk, Bike + Roll programs run smoothly and easily.


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