Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a traffic safety program with the goal to eliminate all road fatalities through road design, education and enforcement. It is the idea that traffic fatalities and serious injuries from crashes are avoidable and should not be tolerated. Our goal should be to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries. The Portland Bureau of Transportation adopted Vision Zero strategies in their two year Progress Plan, but it requires broad-based support and cross collaboration between agencies.

We have been working with Oregon Walks, legislators, and their staff for several months to develop a new approach to achieving zero crashes, injuries, and fatalities on our roads. At its core, this approach will treat traffic fatalities and serious injuries as an epidemic. We believe that death and injury on our roads are not acceptable and we will no longer regard death and serious injuries as inevitable.

For us and our partners this work starts with better design and regulations of our roadways, sidewalks, intersections and transit stations. Vision Zero policy must increase resources to better enforce traffic laws to make our streets safer. It incorporates best practices from the social marketing world to change behaviors that are most likely to cause serious crashes.

As a core part of our Vision Zero strategy, The Street Trust is proud to support Oregon and SW Washington Families for Safe Streets. This community group is comprised of victims of traffic violence and families whose loved ones have been killed or severely injured by aggressive or reckless driving and dangerous conditions in Oregon and SW Washington.

STATUS The Street Trust and Oregon Walks have launched the #WorkZoneWTF campaign to crowdsource people’s reactions to sidewalk and road closures that obstruct the bike and pedestrian network. The Street Trust and Oregon Walks call upon the City of Portland to pass a new ordinance so that no interruption shall be permitted without provision of a safe, logical, direct detour for vulnerable roadway users. When you’re stopped in your tracks, snap a photo, and share it to demonstrate the need for work zone policies that provide safe passage for those of us walking and biking. #WorkZoneWTF

The Street Trust and Oregon Walks released a joint report on Vision Zero with a slate of recommendations for both State and local governance. Read the full report here.

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Click here to download Vision Zero report.