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Meeting Our Evolving Transportation Needs During COVID-19

At The Street Trust, we are paying close attention to changing conditions of what it’s like to get around, and pivoting to address the most pressing transportation needs in our community. We are humbled by our community’s resilience during this time and grateful to be a part of it.

Streets are for people!

Your advocacy team at The Street Trust is committed to ensuring that community members who rely on public transportation are able to do so as safely and affordably as possible.

The Bike More Challenge Moves to June

We remain hopeful that we will be past the worst of this crisis by May, but we think it’s better to launch the 2020 Bike More Challenge in June. Here’s some of what you can expect:

Active Transportation Summit reboot evolves

When we postponed the 2020 Active Transportation Summit, scheduled for March 17 - 19, it seemed like an extreme act of prudence rather than just the beginning of the shutdown of public life. The Summit is more than just a conference for us.

Adapting to school closures

School closures have had a huge impact on our Bike Safety Education (BSE) program. Spring is our busiest BSE season and we were scheduled to bring the program to 985 kids at 8 schools with the support of the Portland Bureau of Transportation and volunteers.

Train the teacher, teach the student bike safety

Prior to schools closing, Portland middle school kids were back in the (bike) saddle for the spring season learning bike safety education. The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and The Street Trust are piloting a new way to bring bike safety to Portland’s students.

Emotions flow at Love in Motion

The 10th annual Love in Motion storytelling event, formally known as Live the Revolution, took center stage on Friday, February 7, returning again at the Alberta Abbey. This year featured stories from Ashley Henry, Mike Clark, Cameron Whitten, and Jackie Yerby.