Safe Routes to School

The Street Trust’s Safe Routes to School programs are the best bicycle and walking safety programs in the country. We offer several program models designed to bring education services to your students; to train your teachers; and to encourage students and families to walk and bike to school. We will work with you to customize a program model that works for your school or district.

Now I feel comfortable allowing her and myself, really, to ride for fun and transportation.

Our Programs
Student Education Programs
-Bicycle Education Instruction
-Pedestrian Education Instruction

Training for Teachers
-Jump Start Program
-Bicycle Education Training for Teachers
-Pedestrian Education Training for Teachers
-Bicycle Fleet Rentals

How to apply
Educators may apply online to receive services and financial assistance. All services and financial assistance are available and awarded through this application process.

Educational programs can be tailored to to your school and budgetary needs. Contact Lindsay Huber with questions and for more information.

Financial assistance
We provide as much financial assistance as possible, by sharing resources and seeking ongoing funding to supplement the cost of the program. However, The Street Trust does not have the resources to fully subsidize every program– you are the best fundraiser for your program.

Join Oregon’s Safe Routes to School Network to receive information about reduced cost trainings, funding sources, and support from folks that are working for common goals across the state.

Student Education Programs

Our instructors come to your school to teach the Safe Routes for Kids curriculum. We provide all program supplies including bikes and helmets.

Bicycle Education Instruction

One student at Russell Academy said, “The community ride was the best field trip ever.” And another told us, “I’ve done swimming and soccer drills, but I like bike drills the best!

A Street Trust instructor will teach the 10-lesson Safe Routes for Kids curriculum to one class of students. The program may be taught in one-hour lessons over the course of 10 consecutive school days or two-hour lessons over the course of 5 consecutive days. The program includes in-class and on-the-bike instruction, a fleet of bikes and helmets, parent release forms, pre- and post-tests to evaluate progress, and a graduation ride.

School requirements:
-Must have room to store 33 bikes for the duration of the program (12’ x 12’ minimum).
-Must be in close proximity to a paved area for drills.

Sample lessons:
Lesson 1 – Basics of Bike Safety
Lesson 2 – Helmets!
Lesson 3 – Fitting Bikes to Kids

Pedestrian Education Instruction

A Street Trust instructor will teach the 1.5-hour curriculum to one class of students. The course can be taught in in one 1.5-hour lesson in one day or two 45-minute lessons over the course of two consecutive school days. The program includes both in-class and on-the-street instruction.

Training for Teachers

The Street Trust will help your school or district develop and launch your own customized, sustainable Safe Routes to School program.

Jump Start Program

A teacher from Astor Elementary sums it up well by saying, “Our students benefited with an increased knowledge of the ‘rules of the road’ when it comes to bike safety. I believe this ultimately benefits the community. Many parents saw this as a wonderful week of learning important skills.

The Street Trust will train your teachers on bike and pedestrian education at the beginning of the school year. We will also provide a fleet of bikes (33), helmets, tools, a trailer, and support for the school year. We will help the district set up a bike fleet moving schedule to promote efficient and effective use of the fleet. After the school year, we will evaluate the program with the district; we may be able to help the district apply for funding for a bike fleet. More information including how to apply can be found here.

See how our Jump Start program kicked off bicycle safety education in Gresham Schools.

Bicycle Education Training for Teachers

This training focuses on the concepts of The Street Trust’s award-winning Safe Routes for Kids curriculum for educators. The curriculum consists of 10 lessons detailing the basics of bicycle safety – utilizing in-class and on-bike lessons – including on-street practice. We recommend that training be followed by a field observation. This training can be offered as a CEU or as a graduate-level class upon request (See Bike Education Instruction).

Pedestrian Education Training for Teachers

This training focuses on the concepts of The Street Trust’s Pedestrian Safety curriculum for educators. The fee covers all communication, scheduling, administrative costs, and a 12’ x 14’ simulated road. We recommend that training be followed by field observation (See Pedestrian Education Instruction).

Bicycle Fleet Rentals

If your staff has received bicycle and pedestrian safety training, we can rent you a fleet of bikes to be used in your program.


The Oregon Department of Transportation is a major partner, helping to promote bicycle safety education since 1998.