Oregon Schools Celebrate Record-Breaking 242,000 Walking, Biking Trips at 2013 Walk+Bike Challenge Awards Ceremony



JULY 1, 2013 – PORTLAND, OR – Oregon’s Walk+Bike Challenge Awards Ceremony took place at the Northeast Sunday Parkways on June 23. The Walk+Bike Challenge, coordinated by Oregon’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), occurred over the month of May and challenged students in 120 schools to walk and bike to school. In addition to recognizing the first and second place winners for 5 categories, the ceremony celebrated the record­breaking number of 242,000 total trips taken.


The BTA reached out to the coordinators of the nine award winning schools. Representing the schools were principals, teachers, parents and students.

Because the goal of the Walk+Bike Challenge is to promote healthy lifestyles to children, the program aims to have continued growth within schools. To promote this, the BTA partnered with the City of Portland and awarded Ventura Park an additional award of a customized Bike Rack. Ventura Park won the award for the Greatest Increase in Participation with an improvement of 43.48% since 2012.

Other highlights include Beach School accepting the award for Most Walking and Biking Trips and Greatest Student Participation. Beach School in Portland logged 8175 trips total, and had a 94.8% student participation rate. On behalf of Beach School was Rebecca Torres, Principal, and Valerie Pearce, PTA President, accepting the award.

First Place winner for Most Biking Trips, Llewellyn Elementary, also had representatives to celebrate their 1340 trips. Participants from second place winners Abernethy Elementary, Hosford Middle, Alameda Elementary, and Woodburn Arthur Academy accepted their awards – some having student representatives on behalf of their schools. Pamela VanDerWolf, Assistant Principal of Alameda Elementary, accepted Alameda’s award with students who had ridden their bikes to the Sunday Parkways event.


Most Biking Trips

  1. Llewellyn Elementary (Portland)
  2. Abernethy Elementary (Portland)

Most Walking and Biking Trips

  1. Beach School (Portland)
  2. Meriwether Lewis Elementary (Portland)

Greatest Student Participation

  1. Beach School (Portland)
  2. Alameda Elementary (Portland)

1340 trips 986 trips

8175 trips 7276 trips



Greatest Student Participation from New Schools

  1. Hucrest Elementary (Roseburg)
  2. Woodburn Arthur Academy (Woodburn)

Greatest Increase in Participation (2012­-13)

  1. Ventura Park (Portland)
  2. Hosford Middle (Portland)


43.7% 43.6%

14.3%­57.8% 24.6%­65.6%

The BTA’s Annual Walk+Bike program is the largest program of the kind in the country and is one of the only ones that caters to the entire state. The program promotes parents, teachers, and community members to encourage active lifestyles to children starting from an early age.


The BTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy organization formed in 1990. It has 5,000 members and advocates on behalf of bicyclists at the municipal, state, and federal levels. It works to improve the conditions for bicycling through education, engineering, and enforcement. The BTA is dedicated to creating healthy, sustainable communities by making bicycling safer, more convenient, and more accessible.


For media inquiries, please contact: Will Vanlue, Communications Manager Bicycle Transportation Alliance 503­226­0676 x28
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