Bike Commute Challenge saves commuters money, frees up space on the road




Nearly 12,000 people participated in September’s Commute Challenge,
saving themselves money and freeing up space on the road for others.

 October 17, 2012 – Last week the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) hosted an Awards Party to toast the winners of September’s Bike Commute Challenge.

In addition to recognizing individuals’ and teams’ accomplishments, the BTA celebrated all 1,395 workplaces and 11,745 people who participated in this year’s Commute Challenge. All together people rode their bikes 1,278,343 miles on the way to and from work in September. Particularly impressive was Distance Award Winner Jeff Capizzi of the Portland State Office Building who rode over 1,524 miles during the month-long Challenge.

Miles ridden during the Bike Commute Challenge would stretch from the Earth to the moon more than five times over. Covering the same distance in a car would burn approximately 51,100 to 63,900 gallons of gas,1 which means riding a bike saved Bike Commute Challenge participants a total of $204,400 to $255,600 in fuel in just one month. 2

By choosing to ride a bike, the 11,745 Bike Commute Challenge participants collectively freed up over 20 miles of motor vehicle lanes3 on their commutes during September, decreasing traffic congestion for other commuters. Daimler Trucking had 45 first-time riders, more than any other team this year, who on their own cleared up 412 feet of motor vehicle space by choosing a bicycle over a car.

Individual and team awards are listed below. The list of winners and the full set of results are available at:

Business & Non- Profits

  • 1 Employee: HoltzReport, Dr. Jeffrey D Sher, Kohles Bioengineering, The Copy Center at Camera Graphics, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, Boont Rocks!, Pedal PT – All 100%
  • 2-4 Employees: Glad Rags – 100%
  • 5-24 Employee: Cast Iron Coding – 100%
  • 25-99 Employees: WSI – 90.95%
  • 100-499 Employees: SERA Architects – 53.04%
  • 500+ Employees: Wieden + Kennedy – 14.18%

Public Agencies

  • 1-24 Employees: Commissioner Saltzman’s Office – 56.39%
  • 25-99 Employee: U.S Geological Survey Portland – 37.57%
  • 100-499 Employees: City of Portland Bureau of planning and Sustainability – 32.69%
  • 500+ Employee: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality – 11.20%

Bike Shops

  • 1-8 Employees: Metropolis Cycle Repair – 96.50%
  • 9-15 Employees: Bike Gallery – Downtown – 96.45%
  • 16+ Employees: Bike Gallery- Operations/Warehouse – 47.64%

Other Awards

  • Most New Riders: Daimler Trucking – 45 new riders
  • Brian Reynolds Distance Award: Jeff Capizzi, Portland State Office Building – 1,524.1 miles
  • Brad Buchanan Team Captain of the Year: Paula Funatake of NWEA

1Assumes an average of 20-25 MPG for passenger cars

Source: – United_States

2Assumes an average fuel price of $4/gallon

Source: US West Coast average for 10/1/2012,

3Assumes one mid-size car with a wheelbase of 110 inches for each participant



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BTA: The Results Are In: Congratulations to our 2012 Bike Commute Challenge Winners! BTA celebrates 1.25 million miles logged in ‘Commute Challenge’


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The BTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization formed in 1990. It has 4,000 members and advocates on behalf of citizens who bicycle at the local, regional, state and federal levels. It works to improve the conditions for bicycling through education, engineering and enforcement. The BTA is dedicated to creating healthy, sustainable communities by making bicycling safer, more convenient and more accessible.


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