Meeting Our Evolving Transportation Needs During COVID-19

At The Street Trust, we are paying close attention to changing conditions of what it’s like to get around, and pivoting to address the most pressing transportation needs in our community. We are humbled by our community’s resilience during this time and grateful to be a part of it.

We are rooted in values that prove even more relevant during this public health crisis:

  • Everyone should feel safe in their community, whichever way they get around. 

  • We recognize and continuously grapple with the inherent injustices in the way that our transportation system has been set up. We must prioritize the needs of historically and currently marginalized individuals and communities. 

  • Transportation is a basic human right -- everyone should have access to options that are safe, convenient, and affordable.  

  • We value our planet, clean air, and just stewardship of our resources.

Grounded in these values, with guidance from trusted mobility justice sources, and listening to our partners who serve the communities that are hit the hardest during these times, we are shifting our work and advocacy in the following ways: 

Transit and transit riders in crisis - Transit service nationally and in our region is being reduced significantly. We are working with partners that serve transit riders and other community based organizations to understand and lift up the service  and safety needs of essential transit riders and drivers at this moment. We are also advocating for eliminating enforcement of fares during this time, looking into rear-door boarding, and ensuring people have easy access to the low-income fare program. 

Meeting Our Evolving Transportation Needs During COVID-19

Local governments and agencies must have federal assistance - The Street Trust signed onto a letter to Congress to include transit agencies in the federal stimulus package, which was successful in securing $196 million for TriMet. We continue to work to make sure that there is accountability in the way those funds are used. We also are supporting advocacy at the national level to provide safety equipment for transit workers on the frontline. (Photo: Courtesy of Metro) 

Deploying our assets to serve the community - The Street Trust does not regularly give away bikes, but in this extraordinary time we believe our bike inventory needs to be deployed to kids and adults who need bikes for transportation and recreation.  We are partnering with the Portland Bureau of Transportation and Rose Community Development Corporation to repair and give away nearly 50 bikes along with locks, helmets and lights. Many of us have found joy and respite on bikes during this low traffic time. This initiative shares the love with folks who cannot afford to buy bicycles.

Housing stability at the forefront - The intersection of housing and transportation has always guided our work, and in this moment we realize that for many in our region, housing is a top concern. We are working with our partners and those leading in the housing advocacy space to support demands for rent/mortgage freezes and other assistance for renters. 

Sharply focus regional transportation investments - The Street Trust continues to help lead the work of The Getting There Together Coalition in ensuring that a transportation measure proposed for the November 2020 ballot meets the needs of those least served by our current transportation system. During this time of crisis, we must prioritize investments in communities that are hurting the most and ensure that this measure creates meaningful local jobs. 

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