Metro holds workshops to inform November 2020 ballot measure

In the last month, Metro held community workshops in Clackamas and Washington Counties. The workshops were focused on the ten programs that may be included in the Get Moving 2020 ballot measure. Community members expressed interest in programs focused on safety, anti-diplacement and housing, and the universal youth pass.

Workshop attendees also expressed a need for more bus service and shorter wait times for buses. The Street Trust and the Getting There Together (GTT) Coalition  are working hard to ensure that Safe Routes to School and a regional youthpass are included in a 2020 measure.

In the next month, Metro will be synthesizing the information from the community workshops and revisiting the conversation around Tier 2 Corridors. GTT is also taking a final look at Tier 2 Corridor proposals in anticipation of a Task Force discussion on Wednesday, 3/18, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. Given the current health crisis, Metro has made the meeting a virtual one. Please follow this link for details about the meeting.