The Bike More Challenge Moves to June

We remain hopeful that we will be past the worst of this crisis by May, but we think it’s better to launch the 2020 Bike More Challenge in June. Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • A new on-line platform. You will still find the Challenge at, but it will be on a new platform with better technical support. This provider will not market pay-to-play challenges to our riders. 

  • Encouragement of workplace teams and other kinds of teams. If you are returning to work in May and June, encouraging your colleagues to join the Challenge might be the lube you need to get the gears turning again. If your employment is disrupted, create a team with neighbors, fellow job seekers, former colleagues, or other associates.

  • More web-based information to support team captains and riders. We love getting to you in person with captain meetings and commute clinics, but if that’s not possible, we’ll be ready to roll with on-line tips.

  • Robust communications and social media to encourage interaction. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and use the hashtag #BikeMore!

Prizes delivered online. We’ve lined-up rewards for logging trips and encouraging others that we can send to you via email. If your business is looking for a marketing opportunity in June and would like to offer free items or discounts to encourage riders, please contact

Sponsors of The Bike More Challenge demonstrate their commitment to employee wellness, public health, and environmental stewardship. Your sponsorship will be in front of our list of 40,000 supporters, 800 companies and the thousands of people who participate in the Challenge. Sponsorship is an opportunity to show we are all in this together. To learn more about sponsorship, contact Tia Sherry, Development Director, at  

Thank you to our grant funders, Metro and the Federal Transit Administration for allowing us to adjust the timing of the 2020 Challenge.