Volunteer to share the joy of bicycling

Help the next generation learn the joy of bicycling by volunteering to support our bike safety education program. 

The Street Trust and the City of Portland’s Safe Routes to School program deliver bike safety education to elementary and middle school-aged youth. During the program, students learn road awareness, bike handling skills, and laws. On the last day, the class takes a community ride exploring their school’s neighborhood on bikes.

To pull off this fun and meaningful experience for the students, teachers and bike safety instructors rely on volunteers to help guide the community ride. Rides are scheduled in two-hour shifts and are usually on Fridays. 

Below is our schedule for the upcoming spring season. If you or your group is interested in volunteering, please contact Jordan Bailey at jordan@thestreettrust.org or (503)226-0676 ext.13. If you do not have a bicycle or helmet we will provide one for you. If you are excited to work with a particular school, please let Jordan know!

Upcoming community rides:

  • 2/17-2/28 Parkrose (NE)

  • 3/2-3/13 Roseway Heights (NE)

  • 3/2-3/13 Tubman (N)

  • 3/9-3/20 Faubion (NE)

  • 3/30-4/3 Bridger (SE)

  • 4/13-4/24 Lent (SE)

  • 4/13-4/24 Tubman (N)

  • 4/27-5/8 Woodmere (SE)

  • 4/27-5/8 Parkrose (NE)

  • 4/27-5/8 Roseway Heights (NE)

  • 5/11-5/22 Kelly (SE)

  • 5/11-5/22 Ron Russell (SE)