Community calls for investment in walking, biking, and transit

Regional leaders at Metro held a public hearing on a proposed regional transportation measure on Monday, January 13. Representatives of The Street Trust testified to support safe streets and better transit. "I want to urge Metro to act as though the amount of fatalities is a crisis," said Jude Gerace, Street Trust board member, urging Metro leaders to take action to improve known high crash corridors

The Street Trust and our partners in The Getting There Together Coalition have participated in a year-long process to get to a recommended slate of transportation projects. At the public hearing earlier this month, there was strong community support and testimony for the safety and transit investments we’ve been advocating for throughout the process, including:

  • Increased funding for projects that will make our communities safer places to bike, walk and access transit;

  • A significant increase in public transportation improvements beyond the SW Corridor MAX line, which will help folks get where they need to go faster; and

  • Reduced planning dollars in order to deliver investments on the ground 

Metro Council is now moving forward with these recommendations into the next phase of finalizing projects for a 2020 regional ballot measure.

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