Volunteer for school Bike Safety Rides!

The 2019 bike safety education season is underway at schools in Portland. We need your help to support kids to have a fun, safe community ride to cap their bike safety experience. 

After learning the fundamentals of bike safety, the last of instruction culminates in a 3 to 5-mile ride around the school's neighborhood. Volunteers help inspire the next generation of Portland's riders and as superstar volunteer, Anthony Carlton says, "The smiles, high-fives and positive attitudes are awesome!" 

To sign up for a ride, please contact Education Programs Director Jordan Bailey at jordan@thestreettrust.org or (503)226-0676 ext.13. We hope to see you out there!

Ride dates and schools are: 

9/20 Marysville

9/20 Roseway Heights

9/20 George

9/27 Whitman

10/4 Tubman

10/4 George

10/18 Ron Russell

10/25 Peninsula

11/1 Ockley Green

11/1 Parkrose

11/22 Tubman

12/13 Ockley Green

Portland bike safety education is delivered in partnership with the City of Portland's Safe Routes to School program.