Safe Routes to School tops regional program ideas

As bike safety educators, The Street Trust sees first hand the conditions that prevent kids from walking and rolling to school. Huge unsignalized road crossings with fast-moving cars, incomplete sidewalks, and no bike facilities are common. If we can address the deficiencies within a half-mile of all schools, it would go a long way to making a walkable, bikeable region. A proposed transportation measure could fund projects in the Portland metro area. 

Metro, the Portland area regional government, is planning a transportation funding measure to put before voters in November 2020. The Street Trust, as a part of the Getting There Together Coalition, is advocating for investments to make streets safe and accessible for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and in new and better transit. 

A 2020 transportation measure will consist of two parts: infrastructure projects and region-wide programs. The Street Trust and The Getting There Together Coalition pushed hard for programs that align with our values of safety, affordability, and increased transportation options, and that will benefit communities least served by our transportation system. At the August meeting of the task force advising the measure, our hard work paid off! Safe Routes to School was voted the most important program to include in the measure.

Other top-ranked programs were: Better Buses, Active Transportation Regional Networks, Fare Affordability for students, and Safety Hot Spots. For more details on each program, see here

There is much more to be done. We are working in coalition to demand that TriMet’s service expansion plan informs decisions around transit investments, and we are breaking down every proposed project in each county to determine whether they meet our criteria for safety, access, and increased options. Want to get more involved to ensure that what you and your community want to see is included in a 2020 transportation measure? Contact our Advocacy Director at