Women Bike's Summer Social

Women Bike held a summer social July 30th to bring our lively Facebook community together to talk about all things cycling and public transit.

Hau Hagedorn kicked off the social. Hau is an associate director at the Transportation Research and Education Center, and expert in transportation issues as well as a former Street Trust board member.  She spoke about the past, present, and future of cycling and transit in the Portland area.  

The group had diverse experience, from interested cyclists to passionate community leaders. It was an excellent opportunity to talk about hopes for the future and discuss the problems facing women cyclists on a day to day basis.

Maria Sipin, Community leader, spoke about hearing racist and sexist shouts from cars while on her cycling commute. She encouraged others to report incidents and use platforms such as Women Bike to keep the conversation going. Many people at the event wanted to encourage other people in their lives to experience the joy of bicycling and were excited to continue to foster connection. 

Keep an eye out for more Women Bike events coming up soon!