Metro Funding Measure

Metro is planning a transportation funding measure for the November 2020 ballot. The Street Trust, part of the Getting There Together Coalition, is advocating for the measure to make our streets safe and accessible for people, all ages abilities, and backgrounds. Also, prioritize investments in new and better transit and safe access for pedestrians and cyclists - not additional road capacity for single occupancy vehicles. 

We want investments on corridors in our region that are most in need of better bus service and neighborhood that have historically received the least investments. These include some of the most dangerous roads in our region: NE/SE 82nd Avenue, TV Highway, SE McLoughlin Boulevard, SE Powell, and NE/SE 122nd Ave. 

This summer, Metro’s advisory task force is looking at region-wide programs that a 2020 transportation measure might fund. Programs being considered to include expanding Safe Routes to School, a Better Bus program, making fares more affordable, anti-displacement funding, a community safety fund, and a participatory budgeting program. [See the full list of programs being considered here]

The Street Trust and the Getting There Together Coalition are working hard to push for funding programs that prioritize safety, equity, affordable and convenient options, and community-led initiatives. Want to get more involved and/or testify at the next Task Force meeting for programs you want to see included in a 2020 transportation measure? Contact our Advocacy Director at