Safety improvements that must be funded by the 2020 ballot measure

This September, The Street Trust along with our partners in the Getting There Together Coalition walked two of the most dangerous streets in the region for pedestrians: SE McLoughlin in Clackamas County and TV Highway in Washington County. 

Community members from each county led the walks and identified the significant needs for improvements along the way.

This will include: 

  • Basic sidewalks in some sections 
  • Lack of safe crossings, especially near bus stops 
  • Need for more reliable bus service 
  • Areas where bicycles are forced to share space with cars 

Even with the current proposed crossings, there will still some stretches between crosswalks that are as long as half a mile.

The Street Trust and Getting There Together continues to push to make sure these kinds of improvements are embedded in a 2020 regional transportation measure! 

Getting There Together Coalition
Members of the Getting There Together Coalition and Metro Councilor Craig Dirksen (pictured center)

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