Protected Bike lanes coming to Burnside

Get ready for safer cycling on the Burnside Bridge. After a three-year maintenance project that was often unpleasant for all users, the Burnside Bridge will fully reopen with protected bike lanes.

Three months ago, The Street Trust and other advocates learned that Multnomah County did not intend to provide physical protection for bike lanes until the Burnside Bridge is replaced. The Street Trust banded together with Bike Loud and Better Block PDX to demand protected bike lanes now. 

County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson used the occasion of the Alice Awards to announce that the County will install candlesticks to delineate the Burnside Bridge bike lanes. She credited The Street Trust’s advocacy for raising awareness of the need for protected bike lanes and prompting her to urge transportation staff to improve safety for cyclists. The new bike lanes and candlesticks will be installed sometime in November. 

In 2017 a pedestrian was killed, and a second person was seriously injured when a car drove up on the sidewalk on the Burnside Bridge.

The Burnside Bridge will also have an east-bound transit-only lane that will benefit the thousands of bus riders who travel on TriMet lines 12, 19, and 20. As called for in the Central City in Motion Plan we championed, the first phase will be on the Bridge, and it will extend from West Second Avenue to East 12th Avenue by the end of 2020.

Proposals to replace the Burnside Bridge also include transit priority and separated, protected space for bikes and pedestrians.

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