Welcome Fiona!

Say Hello to Women’s Bike’s Newest Roll Model!

Fiona Yau-Luu is a committed bike commuter, although she hasn’t always been that way. Before she felt comfortable and confident commuting to work by bike, she would sike herself out and convince herself it was difficult or dangerous. She felt supported and encouraged by people around her to overcome her mental hurdles, and now finds cycling and bikes central to her life. She wants to provide that community to whomever else may need it.

Fiona Yau-Luu

Commuting was Fiona’s introduction to biking, but in this last year she expanded her bike horizons and found she enjoys bikes for recreational activities as well. This last year she completed an entire season of Cyclocross with the Gladyators and tried mountain biking for the first time. She’s hooked to the challenge of both sports and is eager to develop her off-road confidence.

Fiona wants more women to ride bikes and understands the difficulties someone might face when trying to get started. Especially for smaller women; Fiona has struggled to find bikes that fit her well and can see how that may hold someone back. She believes the industry is changing, though. Just last year Trek made their first size 47 cyclocross bike, the one that she will be riding this upcoming season. “The more short people that ride, the more bikes that will be made for us!”

Her advice and support are not exclusive to shorter cyclists, she’s excited to encourage everyone to incorporate biking into their lives. “Be consistent,” Fiona says, “that was the one thing that brought me from being someone that wasn’t super committed to cycling to someone that rides every day.” She found a lot of encouragement from The Street Trust’s month-long Bike More Challenge and discovered that biking was faster than taking the bus AND she could win prizes.

Fiona has lived in inner SE Portland for over 5 years. From there she commutes to NW Portland to perform her duties as Bird’s Community Relations Manager. Before that, she worked with Metro and was on the board of Oregon Walks. Now she sits on Metro’s Public Engagement Committee as well as the board for the Community Cycling Center. Fiona’s passion and enthusiasm for bikes and active transportation, as seen in her professional and personal life, will surely inspire and empower other cyclists and aspiring cyclists as our newest Roll Model!

Contact Fiona at fiona.yauluu@gmail.com if you would like to ask her questions about cyclocross, commuting, or any bike related inquiries you might have.