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At a time when many schools lack funding for physical education and nutrition classes, the BTA (now The Street Trust) and Oregon Safe Routes to School (SRTS) have partnered to develop and produce the Neighborhood Navigators curriculum and make it available free to Oregon educators.

This curriculum focuses on efficient and healthy transportation choices, pedestrian safety, and community and neighborhood design. Geared toward students in kindergarten through eighth grade, the curriculum teaches younger students safe pedestrian behavior and reinforces the benefits of walking and biking. Older students learn how transportation decisions affect personal, environmental, health, and community design. The curriculum includes age-appropriate knowledge and skill practice for each grade.

Curriculum K-3

Sample page from the curriculum for K-3 students.




“You would have loved to see the kids presenting their proposed traffic changes to the mayor, city councilors, school board members, and superintendent last Thursday. The response was awesome, and the students received great feedback and suggestions from the community leaders. We already have answers to some of our questions, and the kids are ready to start shoveling gravel.”

— Susan Derry, Lincoln Middle School, Oakland, OR.







The Neighborhood Navigator Curriculum is aligned with Oregon State Benchmarks and is designed to fulfill national Safe Routes funding requirements. It may be used as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with Safe Routes to School Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education programs.

The Street Trust gives special thanks to Lynne Mutrie of Mutrie Consulting for initiating, writing, reviewing, and managing the project. Thanks also to our partners at ODOT and to the teachers who participated in the pilot test of the program.

Neighborhood Navigators was produced through a grant to the BTA (now The Street Trust) from Oregon’s Safe Routes to School program.