Safe Routes to School

We use several program models designed to bring education services to elementary and middle school teachers to encourage students and families to walk and bike to school.

2020 Spring Bike Safety

Want to help the next generation learn the joy of bicycling? Sign up to volunteer for the 2020 spring bike safety rides! 

The Street Trust’s Safe Routes to School programs are the best bicycle and pedestrian safety programs in the country. Through our partnership with the Portland Bureau of Transportation, we help kids get to school safely.

Student Education Programs

Bike Safety Camps

Our education team has adapted the Safe Routes for Kids curriculum into fun games and activities to teach bike safety skills in after-school and summer programs. The camps provide opportunities for students to explore the school’s neighborhood by bicycle.

Bike Safety Education

Our instructors have been teaching the Safe Routes for Kids curriculum for over 15 years. Our adaptable curriculum is used to teach elementary and middle school students in many formats.

A Street Trust instructor will teach the 10-lesson Safe Routes for Kids curriculum to one or more classes of students. The program may be taught in one-hour lessons over the course of 10 consecutive school days or two-hour lessons over the course of five consecutive days.The program includes in-class and on-the-bike instruction, a fleet of bikes and helmets, parent release forms, pre- and post-tests to evaluate progress, and a graduation ride. The program requires that the school have room to store 40 bikes (15’x15’ minimum) for the duration of the program and must be in close proximity to a paved area for drills.

Pedestrian Safety Instruction

For over a decade, The Street Trust instructors have been teaching 1st & 2nd graders pedestrian safety. The program includes both in-class and on-the-street instruction, including a community walk where students practice crossing the street by themselves, sometimes for the first time!

Training for Teachers

Middle School Bike Safety Teacher Training

To accomplish their goals of teaching bike safety education in middle schools, the Portland Bureau of Transportation has partnered with The Street Trust to train middle school teachers.  The program scaffolds across the three grades and 6th-8th grade uses its own curriculum. A Street Trust instructor models how to teach the class so teachers receive the best instruction.

Pedestrian Education Training for Teachers

This training focuses on the concepts of The Street Trust’s Pedestrian Safety curriculum for educators. Teachers will have the knowledge of how to teach students, plan a walking route and encourage students to walk throughout the school year.

How to Apply

Educators may apply online to receive services and financial assistance. All services and financial assistance are available and awarded through this application process.

Educational programs can be tailored to your school and budgetary needs. Contact Jordan Bailey with questions and for more information.

Financial Assistance

We provide as much financial assistance as possible, by sharing resources and seeking ongoing funding to supplement the cost of the program. However, The Street Trust does not have the resources to fully subsidize every program– you are the best fundraiser for your program.

Join Oregon’s Safe Routes to School Network to receive information about reduced-cost trainings, funding sources, and support from folks that are working for common goals across the state.

Jump Start Program

For an entire school year, The Street Trust assists in program development and provides access to a fleet of bicycles and other equipment through our Jump Start program. The equipment is available to one school district per year through our grant process. At year’s end, all partners evaluate the program, and if it is successful, find funding to purchase a fleet of bikes and a trailer for the community to continue the program in subsequent years.

The Jump Start program includes an 8-hour training for teachers and community members on The Street Trust’s Safe Routes for Kids curriculum as well as materials for the community to keep and use for one school year. This includes 36 bikes, 100 helmets, tools and a 20-foot trailer. Please see the Jump Start page for more information and to apply for this wonderful program.

For any questions or comments, please contact Education Programs Director, Jordan Bailey at