Community Bike/Truck Safety Demonstration

26 August 2012 | 11 am to 4 pm | Sunday Parkways - SE Salmon & 41st


Above: at a bike/truck safety event in New York City, people were allowed to climb into the cab of the truck to get perspective on blind spots from the driver’s seat. The BTA and our partners hope to raise awareness and promote safe driving & riding habits at a bike/truck safety demonstration event at Sunday Parkways on August 26.

Join us this Sunday for a Truck/Bike Safety Awareness Demonstration at this weekend’s Sunday Parkways. The demonstration is sponsored by The Portland Freight Committee, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Franz Bakery, the Portland Bureau of Transportation, and the Portland Police Bureau.

The BTA and our partners in the freight community want to use the opportunity to educate both drivers and bicyclists about blind spots and the need to be aware of others on the road.

The demonstration will promote safe driving and safe riding through better attentiveness, visibility, and road positioning. We will provide a unique opportunity for people out walking and riding their bikes to get behind the wheel of a freight truck, provided by Franz Bakery, and see through the windows and mirrors to help understand how truck drivers see, and don’t see, their surroundings.

What: Bike/Truck Safety Demonstration
When: Sunday, August 26
Time: 11 am to 4 pm
Where: SE Salmon Street just east of SE 41st Ave

This event is being organized as part of our community’s response to the tragedy that occurred on May 16, 2012. Kathryn Rickson was killed by a delivery truck while riding her bike in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Media Contact:

Gerik Kransky
Advocacy Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
(406) 546-4233