Bicycle Brown Bag: Blueprint for Better Biking

18 October 2012 | 12pm | City Hall – Lovejoy Room

Photo courtesy Greg Raisman

Picture the safest, most accessible, most forward-thinking bicycle oriented transportation system in the world. Now imagine yourself in it, doing the things you normally do every day. When you go to work, what type of street do you take? How do your kids get to school? Think about going to the park with your family, talking a walk with your parents, going grocery shopping. What would it take to transform the neighborhood you live in, to make it truly world class for bikes?

We want to know your thoughts on building a world class network of bicycle facilities in the Portland region!
Join a facilitated dialogue to help the BTA determine its priorities for the next five years.

Bicycle Brown Bag series: Blueprint for Better Biking
Thursday, October 18th,  12:00 – 1:00 pm
City Hall – Lovejoy Room
1221 SW 4th Avenue, 2d floor
(bring your lunch!)

If you can’t join the Bicycle Brown Bag, send us a video or fill out a survey to let us know what you think.