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Make Big Streets Safe
We want our large, arterial streets to have safe space for all types of traffic, both motorized and non-motorized.

Let’s Fix It
We want our aging infrastructure replaced with the safest options for our children, parents, coworkers, neighbors, and friends.

Create Neighborhood Greenways
We want to see 50% of our urban population living less than a half-mile from a low-traffic, low-stress neighborhood greenway.

Build Inspiring Trails
We want accessible, inspiring trails connecting our town centers.

Our vision for the Portland-Metro region is one where people of any age and any comfort level can use a bicycle to meet their daily transportation needs. Whether it’s riding to work, to the corner store, or simply going out for a recreational ride on the weekend, we need safe and accessible facilities in every community, in every neighborhood, and on every street in the region.

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Investing in this network is a smart way to use public resources: bicycle facilities cost less to build and less to maintain, move more people per dollar, and help people save on the costs of owning and maintaining a motor vehicle by providing safe transportation options. When more people ride bicycles, we burn less gasoline and more calories — increasing our community benefits when evaluated alongside automobile infrastructure.

In thousands of conversations with BTA members, community residents, and stakeholders across the entire metropolitan region, we collected hundreds of ideas for new and improved bicycle facilities. We examined every possibility in our search for the best ideas and the most transformational projects. After a robust public outreach effort that included over a thousand survey responses and hundreds of in-person conversations, we selected 16 projects to demonstrate our four key areas for action.

With a broad geographic spread, and wide range of forward-thinking goals, the projects included in this document are some of the most important investments we can make to provide non-motorized transportation options that are safe and convenient.

Our vision is bold and it will take countless hours of work to bring the needed safety improvements to all the streets, trails, and destinations in the region. The list of projects is the start of a comprehensive approach to developing initial phases of a bicycle transportation network in areas of the region that need it. We envision raising our existing network to the next level to ensure that riders of all abilities, regardless of destination, have access to a safe place to ride.