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The Street Trust is at work across Oregon, in classrooms and on the streets, encouraging and advocating for a safe, accessible mix of transportation in our state.

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Safe Routes to School Curriculum

The Street Trust’s Safe Routes to School education program is one of the best programs in the country. We offer several program models designed to bring education services to your students; to train your teachers; and to encourage students and families to walk and bike to school. We will work with you to customize a program model that works for your school or district.

Downloadable Safe Routes to School Curriculum:


Additionally, we have more information and resources for people with kids who just learned how to ride a bike safely or are looking to help teach kids about bicycle and pedestrian safety. Below are some examples of what your kids have learned and ways to continue their education.

Bicycle Safety Education

Resources from The Street Trust

Resources from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Pedestrian Safety Education

Resources from The Street Trust

Resources from Suite101.com

Oregon Safe Routes to School Network

We believe every kid deserves to walk and bike to school (and other places) safely! The Oregon Safe Routes to School Network conducts a monthly information and... See Project

Fire Up Your Feet!

Fire Up Your Feet Can Support Your School’s Walking, Bicycling and Safe Routes to School Programs This spring, Fire Up Your Feet is offering $10,000 to... See Project