Welcome Lale, Women Bike’s newest Roll Model!

Lale Santelices bikes everywhere! Bicycling is her main form of transportation but she also enjoys riding for fun when the weather permits. Lale started getting around by bike when she was in college as a way to stay connected and has been doing so ever since.

When asked what inspired her to join Women Bike, Lale pointed out that beginning to bike can be more intimidating in a “bikey” city filled with opinionated “experts.”

“When I started,” Lale said, “all I had and needed was a mostly functioning bike and a desire to ride. I had a lot of hard lessons to learn, but I figured it out stress-free. I would like to make sure that other Latinx people have a space to figure things out judgement-free, but fun-filled.”

Lale is excited to ride with new riders to meet new people. One piece of advice she would like to share is: “Have fun; don’t worry too much about gear; and there is no shame is walking up any hill.”

Lale lives in Southeast Portland in the Woodstock neighborhood and would love to meet other cycling gals in the area to ride with. In the summer, her favorite ride is to the river. “I like getting way too warm on the ride then jumping in the cool river! I also like to bring snacks and take lots of breaks.”

Contact Lale at [email protected] if you would like a bike mentor or just someone to ride with.

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