Tell ODOT: Get Serious About Traffic and Invest in Transit, Biking, and Walking

As the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) considers its framework on tolling and congestion pricing, it’s up to us to make sure they get the details right. Sign our petition right now to tell ODOT to get serious about traffic by investing in walking, biking, and public transit.

Price roads based on demand

To truly address traffic, congestion pricing must manage demand during the busiest times of day. The price should be set through a transparent and inclusive policy and the revenue generated should increase transportation choices like biking, walking, and transit, which will further reduce traffic congestion.

Fund transportation choices like transit, biking, and walking

Increased transit service, and its impact on communities living and traveling in the potentially priced corridors, is critical to the success of congestion pricing. In order to get the environmental and equity benefits of pricing, frequent transit service must be a reliable alternative to driving on a priced roadway, which means it must be incorporated into ODOT’s plans from the beginning.

We want congestion pricing that increases transit service and safe streets for biking and walking. Let’s make it happen: Join us in calling on ODOT to use congestion pricing to reduce cars on our streets and fund a sustainable vision for the future of our city by adding your name right now!

Mitigate the impact on low income communities and help reduce carbon emissions

For people who can’t afford to pay a new congestion price ODOT must design a program that provides low income rebates or exemptions and directly invests in frequent and reliable choices like transit. Instead of doubling down on the same old strategies we must innovate a solution for everyone with any new congestion pricing program.

Are you with us? Sign our petition right now to tell ODOT to use congestion pricing to reduce congestion!

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