Women Bike Welcomes Olivia as its Newest Roll Model

Have you met Olivia Quiroz, Women Bike’s newest Roll Model?

As a public health advocate, Olivia believes biking is a great way to provide physical wellness and incorporate fitness into people’s lives. She enjoys biking to work and enjoys how energized she feels when she rides. Living in the Laurelhurst neighborhood, she loves riding as the seasons change and finds it to be a great way to get exercise outside the four walls of the gym. Olivia has been commuting in Portland for the past three years.

Olivia is excited to join the Roll Model team and inspire more women to get on the saddle. She hopes to take her protegées out for long-distance rides and rack up some miles. “Once you get on a bike, you will be surprised how long you can go without getting tired,” Olivia said. “I’m looking forward to hosting some weekend rides and ending at a cultural event or landmark.”

Olivia’s advice to new riders: It’s okay to feel a bit intimidated about your first time commuting by bike. There’s lots of bike safety education stuff to think about when riding, so learning a few will help make your ride more enjoyable. Being aware of rules of the road and how to safely ride in traffic can help you overcome your fears of riding in the city. Just take it step by step. Lots of planning goes into commuting to work, so it’s best to start that process early and perhaps find a buddy to ride with the first few times.

Olivia currently lives in inner SE Portland and is excited to connect with women of color who live in her neighborhood. She enjoys long-distance rides and is happy to meet up with other women to train for fun rides like Reach the Beach. You can contact Olivia by email at [email protected].

Interested in joining Olivia as a Roll Model? Click here to sign up as a Roll Model!

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