Plant Trees by Bike with Friends of Trees

Guest blog by Megan Van de Mark, Neighborhood Trees Specialist at Friends of Trees

We ride our bikes a lot here in the Portland metro region; to work, to the grocery store, to a friend’s for dinner, to our local brewery or coffee shop. Some of us even operate bike-based businesses or move by bike. It only makes sense then, that in the Pacific Northwest, we also plant trees by bike.

Over at Friends of Trees, we’re in the middle of planting season, planting trees nearly every weekend, rain or shine. At the same time, in addition to loving trees, we also loves riding bikes. We’ve managed to marry these passions in order to ride our bikes to plant trees!

And we need your help!

Whether you want to plant trees, carry tools, chauffeur trees, or a combination of all the above, we have a role for you. Our bicycling crews transport all of their trees, tools, and people by bike. They travel, on bikes of various shapes and sizes, to various homes in the neighborhood to plant trees; trees that will ultimately absorb CO2 and mitigate stormwater runoff as well as a host of other benefits.

In the process, you meet neighbors, get exercise, and beautify Portland and Vancouver neighborhoods. And, let’s not forget, there is free breakfast, coffee, and treats, as well as a potluck lunch, provided to fuel you up.

When does this all go down? See the below 2018 planting schedule for dates and locations. And remember, bikes plus trees is a match made in the Pacific Northwest. Sign up today!

2018 Neighborhood Bike Plantings (sign up here):

Saturday, January 20: Piedmont, Woodlawn (NE Portland)
Saturday, February 3: Laurelhurst, Kerns, Sunnyside, N. Tabor (SE Portland)
Saturday, February 10: West Vancouver Neighborhoods
Saturday, February 10: Boise, Eliot, Humboldt, King (NE Portland)
Saturday, March 17: Kenton, Arbor Lodge, Overlook, Portsmouth (N Portland)
Saturday, March 24: Madison South, Rose City Park, Sumner (NE Portland)

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Jenny Bedell-Stiles at mailto:[email protected] or use Friends of Tree’s volunteer hotline at 503-595-0213.

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