Meet Shelly, Women Bike’s newest Roll Model!

Shelly is a daily bike commuter and has been using a bike as her main form of transportation for the past four years. She enjoys bicycling to meet up with friends or heading off on organized rides around town for fun, and she is really excited to participate in the Plant Trees By Bike ride organized by Friends of Trees. “I’d love to combine my love of biking with my love of trees,” she says.

When asked what inspired her to join Women Bike, Shelly replied pointing out how valuable these programs can be for folks not yet fully comfortable on the saddle. “When I got on a bike as an adult in Portland, it was really intimidating,” she said. “I didn’t remember all the mechanics, and I felt too uncomfortable and embarrassed to ask for help. I figured it out by observing others and by joining friends who were already biking regularly. Now that I feel comfortable and confident, I want to help others in the way that I was helped.

Shelly is thrilled to connect her protegées to the many exciting women-led events and groups that make up Portland’s vibrant cycling scene. “I have really enjoyed women-organized and women-led groups such as Bikin’ Betties, Bebe, Black Girls Do Bike, Mujeres en Movimiento, and (of course) The Street Trust’s Women Bike program,” Shelly said, “and I think more women should know about them.” Shelly aspires to be a catalyst, showing other women that bicycling can be fun, safe, and liberating. One event she is excited to share with other women is the monthly Midnight Mystery Ride: “I would love to share a Friday night adventure with others.”

We asked Shelly if she has any advice for new riders. “Biking is for everyone,” she said. “It’s fun, fast, and free! It is not an exclusive club, and you don’t have to do anything special to ‘join’. There are so many ways to enjoy riding — and you can discover them by just getting on a bike.”

Shelly lives in NE Portland and is looking forward to helping get more women riding this Spring.

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