Women Bike Roll Model: Kiah Frohnauer

Kiah Frohnauer loves biking! She is a daily commuter and enjoys leisure rides to Portland’s surrounding areas including Sellwood and St. John’s, as well as bike rides along the river where she finds time to relax. What motivates her to bike is her background in environmental studies: being environmentally minded, she wants to better the environment, reduce her carbon emissions, and do her part. She wants to share the wealth of knowledge she has learned this past year with new riders and encourage others to use biking as their main form of transportation. A fun and easy way to get around!  In her free time, Kiah enjoys perfecting her kombucha-making skills, baking muffins, camping, glitter, bird-watching, and going on picnics.

Kiah is excited to join The Street Trust’s Roll Model team and encourage more women to bike in the city. She would like to inspire more female riders to experience the joy of biking and the freedom it provides. Kiah has learned a wealth of knowledge about riding from other female riders she encountered as a newbie and would like to share this same knowledge with other women. Someone once taught her the ins and outs of biking and she wants to return that favor.

Kiah is most excited to take her protégées out on bike rides. “I would like to lead a fun sunset ride along the river and picnic at parks along the route. There are so many cool sunset areas along the water,” Kiah says. She is also excited to lead more long-distance rides to either the beach or a fun Gorge ride to Hood River.  

Advice Kiah wants to give new riders: Find a person who is willing to show you around and seek out people around you for support. There are so many amazing women in Portland who are more than willing to share information to women who want to begin riding. Reach out to the great biking community around you!

Kiah Lives in Southeast Portland and works in the Southwest. She enjoys biking on the esplanade and can’t wait to host her first bike ride!


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