Bike Ride with Adelante Mujeres

For the second year in a row, The Street Trust has taken up the opportunity to work with the campers at Adelante Mujeres Chicas Camp in Forest Grove, Oregon.  The Chicas program is an innovative youth development program empowering Latina girls to develop their leadership potential, adopt healthy lifestyles, develop cultural identity, and achieve academic success with high school graduation and college enrollment.


We brought the girls on a ride as part of their Healthy Lifestyles Day and we had a great time navigating the neighborhood together on our Bike Friday fleet. There were three groups of roughly twenty Latina girls, ranging from elementary to high school. All the girls live within the Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and Cornelius areas, and as Spanish-speakers we spent most of the day talking in Spanish.

Before heading out, we taught the young campers how to properly fit a helmet and explained how to use the bikes’ hand brakes and gears. On the ride, we looked at different intersections, introducing concepts such as yielding and right of way and how those apply to different scenarios on the road. The weather was really hot and we did a bit of hill climbing, which presented us with a fun challenge. Throughout the ride, I was impressed by the girls’ tenacity and their positive attitude; they seemed to appreciate the opportunity and several of them mentioned that, of all the classes they had taken at the summer camp, this was their favorite yet.

The youngest group did a shortened bike ride supplemented by a pedestrian safety lesson. We talked about the different car lights and their meanings, pedestrian signals at traffic lights, laws on crossing unmarked intersection crossings, and what things to look out for while on a walk – valuable skills that will last these kids a lifetime!

Thank you to Guadalupe Juarez and Mayra Carranza from Adelante Mujeres for inviting us. We’re already looking forward to next year!


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