Women Bike: Bike Camping trip with Cat!

Cat Caperello

Cat Caparello joined our Women Bike program as a Roll Model last year and is encouraging women to bike through fun activities like bike camping. Read on to learn more about the most recent bike camping trip, as told by Cat herself. Check out her podcast too!

Last weekend nine women bikers braved extreme heat to go on a beginner bike camping trip to Stub Stewart State Park! Stub Stewart sits northwest of Portland, about halfway between Banks and Vernonia on the Banks-Vernonia trail, and represents an excellent state park for first time bike campers thanks to its proximity to Portland, access to food and services, and generally easy ride on not-too-challenging terrain.

Five of us left from Portland on the Blue Max line to Hillsboro, and took it all the way to the end of the line at Hatfield Government Center. There we met up with the other four at a nearby Starbucks, stretched, and set out on the open road! The ride was 24 miles  each way, with a stop halfway through at Jim’s Thriftway in Banks to get some snacks, beverages and an ice cream sandwich to combat the heat! Thankfully we were greeted by slightly cooler temps in the shady spots of the B-V trail. We got up to Stub Stewart in record time! After the gals got their camps set up, a few went off to hike and explore the park, while two more bike campers who were training for an upcoming century went back out and rode all the way up to Vernonia and back! The rest of us lounged around in hammocks, napped, read, and enjoyed spending time surrounded by lush, beautiful forest.

We stayed at the Brook Creek hike-in site, ate yummy snacks, and cooked pasta and fresh veggies. After the sun went down and we were feeling like our core temperatures were returning to normal, we started up a campfire and got our s’mores on!

The morning was gorgeous; birds chirping and sunlight filtering through trees is the best part of waking up in the woods! After we were fortified with coffee and a yummy oatmeal and toppings bar (pro-tip: mix some peanut butter, granola, or left over trail mix in with your oatmeal!), we set out to race the thermometer home!

All the gals were fantastic. Everyone was so supportive of each other and the trip despite the surprise heat wave! We made it back to that Starbucks in Hillsboro and celebrated with rounds of iced coffees and high fives before catching the Max back to Portland – sweaty and spent, but happy and accomplished!

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