Meet our 2017 Bike More Challenge Champs!

We recently checked in with some of this year’s Bike More Challenge champs to learn more about their motivation that led them to victory and how biking has impacted their lives.

Meet Allison Buttafuoco, the Top New Non-Binary Rider who rode 258 miles in May!

“Bicycling has been a beloved part of my life”, says Allison. “In recent years ankylosing spondylitis, which causes inflammation of the spine and other joints, had kept me from riding at all. With great treatment at OHSU, I’m thrilled to be back in the saddle.”

The Bike More Challenge provided motivation for Allison at the perfect time. Being a part of a larger endeavor made it easier for them to get back into the bike world and had friends cheering them on along the way. The best part of the Challenge for Allison was a long weekend of gravel rides in Wasco County with their best biking buddies.

Allison says they’ll continue riding for transportation, adding bike camping and eventually big tours. “My husband’s been waiting twelve years to tour together!”

Welcome back to the saddle, Allison. Here’s to many years of bicycling with your dearest ones!

Meet Cherie Touchette, the 2017 Top New Female Rider who rode 645 miles in May!

Cherie hadn’t biked for a number of years and the Bike More Challenge was a great way to get back on the saddle after a tough winter in Central Oregon. Cherie says the Challenge “became a game with myself that still continues.” She is biking wherever she can, finding secret ways to get places, taking side streets, and seeing different things with each ride.

Congrats, Cherie! Hope to see you and your dog riding out on the streets.


Meet Mike Engstrom, the 2017 Top New Male Rider who rode 1,071 miles in May! 

Years ago, when his family had only one car, Mike commuted three miles to work by bike. After getting a motorcycle, Mike’s bike didn’t get much attention. It wasn’t until a co-worker let him know about the Bike More Challenge that he gave his bike some TLC. He took his bike out for a couple of test rides in April to prepare for May.

“My goal was to ride very day, and commuting was the best weekday method”, says Mike. “My full commute is 40 miles round-trip, so I would mix in full commute days with ones where I would drive part of the way and ride the rest.” Like many of us, Mike prefers riding along the Springwater Corridor to sitting in traffic.

Mike injured his knee a couple years ago but found that riding combined with physical therapy is greatly helping in his recovery. He is going to continue bike-commuting to keep his knees in tip-top shape for his active lifestyle.

You are a pedal powered rock star, Mike. Pedal on!

Meet Andrew Borel, the 2017 Top Encourager who encouraged 63 people to take the Bike More Challenge.

Yep, you read that right: 63 people!

Andrew Borel has been an every-day, year-round bike commuter for a few years. He is the leader of the bike commuter group at Daimler Trucks North America and says he was able to encourage so many of his colleagues to take the Bike More Challenge by “throwing events on our campus and just being a general annoyance about getting people to bike.” Sounds like the squeaky wheel really does get the grease. Nice going, Andrew!

Andrew says he took the Challenge because he’s a competitive person. “When I can get behind a cause I believe in (alternative transportation) and compete while doing it, well that is just peachy,” says Andrew.

We think you are peachy, Andrew! Thank you for your commitment to the Challenge and getting so many people to pedal!

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