Add your name to thank the legislators who funded Safe Routes to School!

As children throughout our state make their way to and from school each day, it’s critical to ensure our streets are safe for them to bike and walk on – and no one in the Oregon legislature understands this better than Senator Kathleen Taylor (D-Milwaukie) and Representative John Lively (D-Springfield).

Add your name right now to thank them for taking the lead on Safe Routes to School!

Earlier this year, these leaders introduced legislation to do just that by dedicating millions to the Safe Routes to School Fund – a welcome investment in our shared commitment to safer streets. As the statewide transportation package took shape, the other twelve members of the Joint Transportation Committee joined Sen. Taylor and Rep. Lively in supporting Safe Routes to School as a necessary part of the package.

Today we celebrate and thank these courageous legislators for dedicating an unprecedented amount, $125 million, to Safe Routes to School street safety projects near schools that will make it safe for kids to walk and bike. These funds will make safe street crossings, build sidewalks, and safe place for kids to ride bikes to school. This new investment shows a 1,000% increase in support for Safe Routes to School over the last 10 years’ dedication of $12 million.

A ten-year investment of $125 million is a great start, however all of our kids deserve to grow up with safe streets, which is why we need comprehensive Safe Routes to School education programming and street safety improvements. It’s going to take all of us to fully invest in our kids’ health and safety, and we owe the 14 members of the Joint Transportation Committee our gratitude for taking this critical first step.

Let’s show them our appreciation: Add your name right now to thank them for standing up for safe routes to school!

Many partner organizations in the For Every Kid Coalition have more analysis of the transportation package as a whole. Find more information from OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, Safe Routes to School National Partnership, and The Street Trust.


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  1. Paul Agrimis Permalink  | Aug 21, 2017 01:30pm

    Thank you for choosing to invest in Safe Routes to School in Oregon. This important program provides safe access to schools via active transportation and it helps make communities stronger as well by promoting connectivity within neighborhoods.