Weigh In: Mosaic Community Work Group

Are you interested in being on our community work group for the communities of color research project? Metro is looking for a few people to represent the Latino community in our group that will be reviewing and giving input on surveys, focus groups and pilot projects. These are compensated positions at $75/hour, and we expect to have 3-4 hours a month of work giving feedback.

Opportunity to Weigh In

What: Join the Mosaic Community work group
Date & Time: 3-4 hours a month through October (specific meeting dates and times to be set)
Place: Locations throughout the Portland Metro region, convenient to public transportation
Interested?: Call or email Marne Duke at 503-797-1551 or [email protected]

Program Description:

Are you a storyteller? Are you driven towards making meaningful conversations online and offline with communities of color? Want to improve your craft as a communicator or marketing professional? Join metro communication staff and others from your community to help shape a marketing research project to improve Metro’s messaging and outreach efforts.

Metro is looking for individuals, who may or may not be affiliated with a community organization, who are interested in getting more people from your community taking advantage of Metro programs and services, and help guide how your regional government talks to community members. Members of the group would work for approximately six months, a few hours a month, and be compensated for their time.

Historically in Oregon, there have been barriers hampering the ability of Black, Latino, Native American, immigrant and refugee Asian Pacific Islander communities to fully thrive. At Metro, we want to change that and need your help.

In 2016, the Metro Council adopted the Strategic Plan to Advance Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The Plan concentrates on eliminating the disparities that people of color experience, especially in those areas related to Metro’s policies, programs, services and destinations.

Through a variety of outlets, Metro engages communities of color in conversations about transportation, garbage and recycling, our parks and natural areas and Metro venues.

How we communicate with communities is critical to ensure awareness of and equitable access to Metro services and facilities, cultivate relationships and trust, spur engagement and facilitate behavior changes. All of this together helps Metro reach goals around travel, garbage, parks and land conservation – and ultimately preserve natural resources and the quality of life for everyone in the region. Lack of information, both quantitative and qualitative, on attitudes, values and motivators related to certain topics and behaviors among historically underserved communities, including communities of color, hinders Metro’s ability to create compelling and inclusive messaging outreach that reaches and engages these communities.

Job Description

Metro is looking for seven to ten community members to join them as consultants on a communications-focused research project to be conducted from May to October 2017. Members will fill the role of community experts and work with staff and contractors to ‘ground truth’ methods, content and findings on the project. We are looking for members form the African American, Asian American and Latino communities in our region, which are a focus of this project.

Participants will be compensated for their time on an hourly basis, up to 35 hours for the length of the project and paid $75 an hour. Groups will meet six times at locations throughout the region; convenient to the group and public transportation. Dates and times for the meetings have not been set, and will be made with the input of work team members.

Members will join Metro staff in work with research and communications contractors to:

  • Advise on research and survey methods
  • Comprise survey or focus group questions, locations, settings
  • Advise or facilitation of focus groups
  • Analyze research findings
  • Select and provide input on pilot projects


The Community Work Group is an opportunity to influence Metro work and programs, represent your community, learn about messaging and marketing to specific communities and learn more about your local government.

A Weigh In is just what it sounds like: a chance to weigh ­in on a transportation related project. Some are opportunities to attend short meetings. Others are opportunities to serve on a committee for a lengthy process. All are presented on our blog as just as they were sent to us.


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