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The 2017 Oregon Active Transportation Summit is coming up on March 20th and 21st at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon. This two-day event includes inspiring mobile workshops; plenary sessions; professional training; and networking with innovators, thought leaders, and passionate professionals from the Pacific Northwest. If you are a professional, policy maker, or advocate working in the fields of transportation planning and engineering, community development, transportation justice, recreation and tourism, or public health, this event is for you!

You can register for each day of the Summit individually. Sunday features free Mobile Workshops; Monday’s programming features an engaging morning plenary and inspiring keynote during lunch (more about speakers below); Tuesday, choose between the Oregon Bicycle Tourism Summit or Protected Bikeways Design Training.

Without further ado, your 2017 AT Summit keynote speakers…

March 20th Morning Plenary Keynote: Jarrett Walker of Jarrett Walker + Associates 

Photo courtesy of Public Transport Victoria

Jarrett Walker, PhD, is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy. He has been a full-time consultant since 1991 and has led numerous major planning projects in North America, Australia and New Zealand. He is President at Jarrett Walker + Associates, based in Portland, Oregon.

He is the author of the popular public transit blog, and the book Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives (Island Press, 2011). His book is a friendly, non-technical introduction to transit’s underlying geometry and the real value judgments that must be explored to make both transit and development policy. Jarrett’s background integrates an arts and humanities PhD (Stanford, 1996) with long technical experience in all aspects of transit and its role in city-building. Passionately interested in an impractical number of fields, Jarrett is the only person with peer-reviewed articles in both the Journal of Transport Geography and Shakespeare Quarterly.

March 20th Lunch Keynote: Regional Transportation Choices – West Coast Success

During the 2016 election, Portland’s neighbors in Los Angeles and Seattle were successful in raising billions of dollars for transit, biking, walking and transportation improvements. As we build safe streets, reduce congestion, and invest in more frequent transit in the Portland region, we hope to learn some lessons from our neighbors and connect with our community leaders to build a successful campaign. Please join Noah Siegel, Policy Advisor, Strategic Partnerships at Metro as he moderates a panel of experts, including: Shefali Ranganathan, Executive Director of Transportation Choices Coalition; Gerik Kransky, Policy Director of The Street Trust; and Noel Mickelberry, Executive Director of Oregon Walks.

Noah Siegel has been with Metro for over three years, leading their efforts to address infrastructure investment gaps and development goals within the region’s urban growth boundary. With combined elements of political strategy, development project management, lobbying, and coalition building he’s achieved desired outcomes, including managing the successful renewal campaign for Metro’s 5-year levy for Parks and Natural Areas.

Shefali Ranganathan has been with Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC) for nearly a decade, shaping priorities and implementing programs from policy and education to program evaluation and fundraising. Under her leadership, TCC has won more than $54B in transit investments statewide; secured the nation’s most expansive low-income transit fare program (ORCA LIFT); and advanced cutting-edge policies that help create transit communities.

Gerik Kransky joined The Street Trust in 2010 as the Advocacy Campaign Manager focused on building strong public support for the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030. As an advocate and organizer over the last ten years, he focused on winning environmental, public health, and livability campaigns in the legislature and at the ballot box. Currently, he’s focused on winning a balanced and robust transportation funding package in Oregon’s 2017 legislative session.

Noel Mickelberry joined Oregon Walks as Executive Director in July 2014 and had previously been a volunteer with the organization since 2010. Under her leadership, Oregon Walks has been dedicated to advocating for decreased disparities in our transportation system, elevating underrepresented voices, and progressive policy that makes our state more livable and accessible for everyone.

March 21st Lunch Keynote: Louise Böhler, German National Cyclists’ Association

Germany is a trailblazer for the development of cycle tourism. The 4.5 million cycle tourists makes it the number one bicycle travel destination; leading to €9 Billion in economic impact and 31.5 million night stays.

Louise Böhler, of the German National Cyclists’ Association (ADFC), will share their recipe for success and present on the ingredients needed to build up a successful cycle tourism destination. She will offer practical examples of great German cycle destinations, along with what ADFC is doing to promote cycle tourism.

Louise is the Tourism Product Manager at ADFC, with more than 160,000 members. She is responsible for the management and development of tourism products including the ADFC seals of approval. With these seals, ADFC has established uniform quality standards for long-distance cycle routes and cycling holiday regions, as well as the Bett and Bike program for cyclist-friendly hosts. She also manages the “Discover Germany by Bike” guide and the cooperation between ADFC and the German National Tourist Board concerning international marketing of Germany.

We’re thrilled to have all of these smart people speak at this year’s AT Summit. Register today for the Oregon Active Transportation Summit!


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