A Vision for Our Region’s Streets and Transit Network

At The Street Trust (formerly the Bicycle Transportation Alliance), we represent a community vision for a healthy and thriving region where it is safe and easy for people to bike, walk and ride public transit. We work in many venues, because transportation decisions are made at all levels of government; it’s not uncommon for one transportation project to receive funding from local, regional, state and federal sources.

The Street Trust, and many of our partners, are currently focused on passing a balanced statewide transportation funding package in the Oregon legislature: good for walking, biking, transit, and increased road safety for all. As this state package takes shape in the Oregon legislature, a potential regional funding measure for the Portland Metro area is beginning to take shape as well.

We believe a ballot measure shaped by our community’s values of health, safety, equity and sustainability will win at the ballot box; The Street Trust would be thrilled to campaign for a bold, regional transportation package that excites the communities we represent. We need a package that:

  • can help transform the streets around schools into safe places to walk and bike with Safe Routes to School projects;
  • supports safe and easy access to frequent service transit lines across the region;
  • provides the needed funding to fix the intersections and corridors in our region that we know are deadly;
  • builds connected sidewalks, protected bike lanes and inspiring trails; and
  • includes strategies for countering displacement and rapidly growing housing costs, while accommodating our growing population.

We are thankful to live in a region with many active community partners who also want to shape and support a future ballot measure. This week—in order to open a broader community conversation on how a future ballot measure can forward our community’s values—we collaborated with partners on a coalition letter to TriMet and other local policy makers. Read our coalition’s full letter here.


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