The Street Trust’s Statement on Immigration Orders

The Street Trust advocates for healthy and thriving communities where it is safe and easy for people to bike, walk, and ride public transit. We envision a community where everyone—regardless of their religion, the color of their skin, or their country of origin—has access to safe, healthy, and affordable transportation options in the neighborhoods where they live, work, learn, pray and play.

We know President Trump’s recent executive orders regarding immigration have undermined the sense of safety of many of our community members, to simply travel about our communities without being targeted by law enforcement or by violent individuals emboldened by the President’s stance. We see these executive orders as in direct opposition to our work to transform our transportation networks into community assets that better connect us all, rather than isolate and divide us.

We support Mayor Wheeler of Portland, mayors of other Oregon Cities, county commissioners, and Governor Brown in protecting the constitutional and human rights of everyone who calls Oregon home; by adhering fully to our state laws that prevent state and local authorities from enforcing federal immigration law.

The Street Trust stands by our local and state elected officials, as they face the threat of federal resources being withdrawn from our communities, based on their commitment to uphold state protections for our fellow Oregonians. We acknowledge our communities’ current reliance on federal transportation funding and will continue to work with our elected leaders, public agencies, and community partners to identify local and state funding solutions for our transportation system needs, so that we can remain resilient in the face of any changes in federal policy.  We will continue to share our gratitude and support for the community organizations leading the charge to make our communities more just, welcoming places where all community members can belong and prosper.


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